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What to Wear While Golfing

What to Wear While Golfing

Golf has been for years one of the most exquisite sports. After WWII the engineering behind it allowed players to take performance to another level. In the last years we have seen a rise in the popularity of this sport world-wide. And with this popularity came the pressure of the cameras. Players began competing against each using both their technique and the outfit. We have selected some professional tips that should help you choose the best attire for golfing.

Golf attire for man can be describes as a laid-back business casual. On the sunny days you can choose a shirt, a pair of trousers and comfortable, yet elegant shoes. The length of your sleeve is essential for your style. It should be three quarters in length and some professional players go even shorter. But one thing is essential: your elbow must be seen.

For the chillier days, a fitting sweater over a shirt is the go-to attire. The collar of your shirt must be kept inside the sweater for a more fitting look. The length of your trousers is also very important. The bottom of your trousers must touch and even go just a little bit over your shoes. If you want to wear shorts you should pay attention to their length. The bottom should be just over you kneecaps for an elegant look.

Go for sports socks. They should not be longer than your ankle and the colour should match the one you have on your shoes for an elegant match. All in all, you style should be clean, fitting and comfortable at the same time in order to complement your golfing session.

Ladies sometimes have a hard time to choose an appropriate golfing outfit. Pants can be coloured khakis or capris but in some situations even black exercise pants are accepted. Blue or black jeans are a definite fashion fail on a golf course.  You can never go wrong with a collared shirt. The range of colours is virtually unlimited, so you can choose the one that represents you the most. Wear comfortable shoes when golfing. Flats or sandals are a bad choice for your comfort and safety. If you don’t want to buy new golfing shoes you can go with a pair of running shoes. If you want to wear a skirt, there is a very easy length test. While standing, notice the point where your fingertips stand on your tights. This is the minimum lengths of a golfing skirt. Be aware that some golf clubs have strict clothing policies. If you intend to go to one of them it is recommended to consult their outfit rules.

No matter the experience you have in golfing, you should always feel comfortable while playing. This is the most important rule when it comes to clothing. Keep it simple and you will have a perfect outfit on the golf course. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to golf clothes, matching every taste and budget.