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Ways to Stay Stylish While on the Golf Course

Ways to Stay Stylish While on the Golf Course

Golf has a very long and interesting history and with that the golf fashion has evolved over the centuries and managed to make this sport one of the most fashionable in the world. There are people that think that the golfing dress code is something that needs to disappear, but these people don’t understand the reason behind it. The dress code is not here to make you uncomfortable, it is here to keep up the sports standards. Being stylish on the golf course is not always easy to do as there are a few rules you need to follow. We have listed some key tips in order to help you choose the best outfit that will complement your moves and keep you looking stylish.

What Not to Wear

Never wear denim. There may be some golf clubs that allow smart casual jeans but in general they are prohibited and considered a very bad fashion choice. First of all, think about your comfort. A pair of skinny jeans will not help you reach your maximum skill level when you are playing on a hot day. Also, they are considered a street fashion piece that is not suitable for a golf course.

Gym clothes are also a big no no. This includes leggings, skirts, skorts, shorts and so on. The golf course is considered an elegant place to enjoy your favorite sport, not a gym. Also, tight outfits will not help you have a better golfing performance. They may be comfortable in a gym with AC but under the sun in a hot day the situation may be different.

How to Dress

The length of the shorts is everything. Both men and women should be decent while playing golf. 4 inches above the knee for men is the usual length while women can go a little shorter but still looking modest. The main idea is to remain decent and elegant. The material of the shorts should be light and comfortable in order to help you perform better and keep you comfortable.

The shirts are very important in golf. You may have seen many golfing brands that promote the image of some key golf players. This is because they have such an amazing style. The shirts must be collared both for men and women. Normal shirts or tank tops are considered a bad fashion choice on the golf field. You will find collared shirts very fashionable and comfortable and we recommend that you get some that are made of natural fiber in order to help your skin breathe.

Hunter Mahan of the United States smiles after finishing the third round of the 142nd Open Championship at Muirfield. (Photo by Andrew Redington)

The shoes and socks are also important. There are brands that sell special shoes for golf. If you choose those, you can’t have a fashion fail. Think of a very appropriate color of the socks. You don’t want to draw the attention of the whole course with some bright pink socks. The secret of fashion in golf is decency and elegance. You will never consider a golfer dressed in bright color a very good player. Many professional players stated that their outfits sometimes helped them win a competition by giving them confidence.