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Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Golfing is known as one of the most exquisite sports in the world. The competition between players became bigger and bigger especially after WWII when the technology behind this sport grew immensely. Besides the equipment, one of the most important parts of the game is the technique. Each player has its own favourite style and swing. We have listed some tips gathered from the professionals in order to help you improve your golf game.

Be careful to align your club face. This is a common mistake for the beginners. Golf is not only about the force of the swing and the torque. The correct way to align your shots is to assess the target from behind the ball. Some try to keep their feet parallel to the target or to curve their shoulders. These things will not help you much. Place yourself behind the ball to have a better perspective of the target and then point at the target with your club to see the exact direction in order to calculate your shot. After this proceed with the body alignment. Here is no right answer and every player has a favourite position. Practice and see what the best is for you.

Choose the right club. Amateurs have the tendency to go with a heavy iron at first in order to bring the ball closer to the hole and then experience a hard time getting it to the right place. Professional players juggle with multiple clubs during a single hole and take into consideration more variables such as the wind speed, terrain and distance.

Speaking of the clubs, one thing you shouldn’t do is to change your stance. This is another mistake beginners do. They tend to adapt themselves to the club. This is not the right way. Try to keep the same stance no matter the club. You can have minor changes in torque and speed of the shot but all in all, try to keep the same stance no matter the club.

Always try to have a solid grip of the club. We have all seen funny moments in movies in which the club flies from the hands of the player. You definitely want to avoid this kind of situation. First grip the club with the gloved hand and then place the other hand right above it. Your thumb and index finger should form a V in order to better grip the club.

Play with the wind. Adapt your shot to the direction of the wind. Remember: no matter how hard your shot is, on a windy day the ball is not going to go where you planned. Assess the direction and strength of the wind and then adapt your shot accordingly. Play with the sand. Although it may seem like a nightmare to get a ball out of a sandpit, it is not the case. Simply place your club behind the ball and a bit under it. Take your shot and leave the sand lift up the ball.