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The latest and Greatest Golf Equipment

Bad golf equipment is a golfer’s nightmare! Bad golf equipment can make the strokes of a professional golfer look like an amateur’s. In the sport of golf, the drivers, wedges, putters are designed to aid and enrich playing experience. There have been massive innovations on golf equipment.

Golf Clubs

The latest and great technology in golf clubs are the hybrids. They are clubs that allow players to hit balls to distance above 100 yards. They offer better forgiveness and accuracy to amateurs and fit well with better players as well. There are compact hybrids suitable for better players that offer little forgiveness. Also available are adjustable hybrids that allow you to set the gaps in the distance of your long-game. There are also full slate hybrids with face-flexing distance technologies like those of drivers, and hybrids that come with internal weighting.


The latest and greatest wedges in the market offer double-digit (and multiples) loft options in their lines. They provide the much-needed bounce angles or distance gaps. The wedges vary in shape, sole type, weighting, and great improvements in groove designs.

Fairway Woods

There are more fairway woods with carbon fibre crowns for higher launching, reduced spin, and better distance. A lot of these clubs come with structures wrapped around the face, slots near the face to make balls lunch better off the face, and bottom designed to make them cut through the grass. They also offer adjustable control loft and shot shape.

Metal Putters

Just as in other golf equipment, there are improvements in metal putters. Some models follow the traditional blade construction while others have larger blades. Many of the putters have features for softer feels and true roll. Milling patterns and new grooves have been designed to reduce miss-hits and improve roll consistency. Most of the putters come with heavier club heads that help in reducing torque and improving stability in the stroke. Several of the new putters come with great counterbalance options and more weight in the grips.

Golf Balls

The latest golf balls in the market all have great features that serve different purposes. It’s important to the game how a ball takes flight, the distance it covers, the angle it lands, the spin, etc and the latest ball designs improve in these areas. Some of them are suitable for faster swingers with over 150 miles per hour swing speed while others a better for less swing speeds. Some others concentrate on the spin needed for short shots. There are balls with several layers. Some three-piece balls, four-piece balls even five-piece balls all trying to give the best feel for the game. Some core advancement has produced balls that fly higher with better trajectory. Also, the patterns on the balls have improved with some having softer and larger dimples than others. The outer coatings have been designed to produce firmer balls for higher launches. They also come with various designs, feels, compression and at great prices.