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Must-See Golf Courses of New Zealand

Must-See Golf Courses of New Zealand

New Zealand is known around the world for its picturesque landscapes and breath taking views. This makes the island country a perfect place to design some truly exquisite golf courses that will guarantee a memorable experience, regardless of your success on the course itself. At the same time, experienced golfers will find plenty of challenges, as the New Zealand landscape offers unparalleled variety not only in beauty, but also in course layouts. Regardless of whether you’re a novice looking for the best spot to get introduced to the world of golf, or a weathered golfer looking for difficult terrain, you will surely be taken aback by the local beauty. So let’s look at some of the most beautiful golfing destinations of New Zealand.

Kauri Cliffs


Kauri Cliffs is among the most northern golf courses in New Zealand. It measures 6,510 metres and gives players an opportunity to hone their skills alongside precipitous cliffs, forest areas, some farmland and marsh. Stretching along the cliff side, the course has some sharp turns to be negotiated, guaranteeing a challenge to even the most skilled golfer. Kauri Cliffs golf course was originally designed by a David Harman, from Florida, US. It will be hard to find ocean views that rival those of Kauri Cliffs.


Located in a relatively urban area, this course offers a unique feature – an active geothermal landscape. Its name, while difficult to pronounce, is directly linked to its geothermal nature, and is somewhat onomatopoeic in its meaning. This golf course is perfect for those looking for an accessible, casual golfing experience with a touch of magic to the scenery. The steam rising from the water makes the experience that much more alive. Its traditional links-style layout makes sure that you’re unlikely to get bored on repeat visits. At the same time, it is incredibly walkable, appealing to those who desire a leisurely afternoon of golfing.

The Hills Golf Club


The Hills Golf Club is perhaps the closest a golf course can come to being a national park. Of course, perfectly manicured, the course still maintains a sense of wilderness as the landscape undulates from perfectly green precision-cut grass to an unbridled yellow hillside of wild grass and bushes. The mountains in the distance offer a surreal background no matter what hole you’re standing on. The sculptures give a distinction to the course, while blending beautifully into the scene. While a private club, visitors still have some access to the course.

Arrowtown Golf Club


One of the smaller New Zealand courses, the Arrowtown golf club is charming, yet challenging. Golfers should not be deceived by its “backyard” feel, as it is going to challenge your short game, and will demand precision. Nevertheless, it’s hillside surroundings and unique historical features that point to the mining history of Arrowtown give a sense that this is no ordinary course. The variety of colours and natural rock formations makes you stop and take in the view, as well as making you pay attention to your game.