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Is Golfing Good for Your Health?

Is Golfing Good for Your Health?

Golfing is considered one of the most elegant and exquisite sports in the world. We see the elegant poses and clothes of the professional players and are amazed of the ease of their moves and strikes. But there are many people that tend to think that this is more of a static game played by older retired people and that it has no benefit on their overall health. Yes, golfing doesn’t imply running for miles with the heavy clubs on ones back, but it still has some amazing benefits for health. We have listed some of the main health benefits of golf in order to better understand the complexity of this sport.


The first main benefit of golfing is that you are going outdoors. Most of us have indoor jobs and we give no time for ourselves to enjoy some sun and some fresh air. This can do a lot of damage to our health. Playing golf will expose you to the fresh air and to the sun for some very important hours. The sun is very relevant to us because it helps synthesize vitamin D. This vitamin is very important to prevent any cardiac and vascular problems. Even if you are not in shorts and a tank top on the golf course, the sun will still manage to see you skin and give you all these benefits that you need.


Golf also helps you maintain your flexibility. Even though golf seems to have some basic moves, they are actually very difficult to do, and they require a lot of strength and flexibility. The clubs are heavy, and a good strike requires precision. By playing golf you will maintain flexibility of your joints and most importantly, your back. Many people complain of back pain nowadays mainly because our jobs require that we stay 8 hours tied to a chair. Most of the time we forget to stretch a little or to take a short break. Golf is a great way to loosen the tension in your muscles and to keep healthy joints.

Metal & Social Health

Golf legend Gary Player stages a clinic at the Sao Paulo Golf Club prior to the start of the Brasil Classic Presented by HSBC. (Photo by Scott Halleran)

Your mental health is also very important. Golf is more a precision than a strength game. You need to focus a lot and think about your strike in advance in order to win. This is how golfing helps with mental health. Many people tend to stop doing mind games once they retire or even when they are still working. Keeping our mind active can prevent many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia. Next time you see an old man or an old lady on the golf course you should admire them for still keeping active.

Social health is a rather new concept that refers to keeping good relationships with your usual company of friends. Golfing is a great way to gather your friends on an afternoon. You will be able to socialize while playing your favorite sport. This is very good for your psychological health and it will definitely help you relieve the stress. While golf may not seem like a typical way to stay healthy you can clearly see that it has many great benefits.