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How to Keep Your Golf Clubs in Good Condition

How to Keep Your Golf Clubs in Good Condition

Golf is now one of the most popular leisure sports in the world. The beauty of it is that it can be enjoyed by all sorts of people, no matter the age or skill level. The history of the golf stretches for centuries and this is why the technology behind it evolved immensely. One hundred years ago our great-grandparents used wooden golf clubs and sometimes leather balls. Nowadays things are very different, and we see better and better equipment in the sports stores. Golf clubs are the most important piece of equipment for golf player. They are considered an extension of the body and mind of the player. But taking care of them can be a challenging task. We have listed some key tips that will help you keep your clubs in top condition and enjoy your favorite sport for a longer time.

Weather and Temperatures

Protect your clubs from extreme temperatures. If you plan to go on a golf trip over the weekend, don’t store your clubs in the trunk of your car all week long. Extreme heat will make the metal dilate and it will weaken the glue that is keeping the pieces together. If you have custom paint on your clubs, you should be extra careful. Heat and dryness can make the paint pop. Extreme cold also does a lot of damage. These cycles of dilatation and contraction based on the temperature will make your clubs fall apart much quicker. Take them inside and store them somewhere safe and at a neutral temperature.

Never leave your golf clubs wet. Rust is the worst enemy of a golf player. Most of the clubs are made of metal and you have to be very careful as they can easily get rusty. If you are golfing in the morning when the grass is still wet, you should clean your clubs and dry them before storing them. Also, be sure that you then store them in a dry place so that they are not exposed to further moisture and possible rust. Doing this will ensure that your golf clubs last as long as possible.

Use the Right Protection

Buy a golf towel. They can be found in any golf store. They are much better than a usual towel or a basic piece of cloth because they can better clean the debris and they will restore the shine of your clubs. Don’t hesitate to buy quality maintenance equipment. It will save you from bigger investments in the future.

Use head covers on your clubs as well. The most important part of a golf club is the head. Any damage to that will definitely damage your game too. Buy some covers and protect your clubs when transporting and storing them.

Don’t forget to clean the grip as well. You may observe that there is also dirt like debris, sweat or sunscreen lotion. Left there, it will definitely affect the next game. Take a little time and clean the grips for a better performance.