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Golf Courses for Beginners

Golf Courses for Beginners

Golf is one of the best game for networking, but if you are just planning or learning how to play the game, it can be a challenging experience. Golf, unlike most games, does not or do not make use of a standardized playing area and coping with the different types of terrains found in several courses is a significant part of the game. For a beginner, it might seem daunting to play on the professional golf courses and to find a golf course that caters for a beginner is not natural. Here are some of the best golf courses for beginners with any experience level.


Although the golf course is excellent for professional golfers as well, if you are a newbie in golfing and just learning the game, Lindenwood Golf Club situated in Canonsburg is one of the best golf courses for beginners. Lindenwood is a 27 hole course and players have the chance to choose for three courses. If you are brand-new to the world, of course, they have 1650 yard Executive course which will be perfect for you to try. Even if you are not yet playing up to par, you are going to enjoy the outdoors with just two ponds and a lot of evergreen trees and broadleaf scattered throughout.


Mt Lebanon Township Golf course opened all year round as long as the weather is suitable, the nine-hole golf club is another great place for beginners who are just trying to take up the game. The trees and leafs are exceptional, and the price is worth it. Mt. Lebanon started as the Castle Shannon Golf Club and has been around for more than a century when players are looking for ways to avoid hazards. Since then, the local course has become one of the best nine hole courses around that are beginner friendly.


The 27 hole Westin Kierland Resort and Spa located in Scottsdale is one of the beginner friendly and fun golf course around and in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area in particular. The golf club is designed to keep the ball in play, and this makes golf even more fun. They have the nine-hole and the Arcadia Nine. The hole is created into a bowl shape that deflects balls into the fairways, so to play out of the course, you have to play wild off the tee. The resort also offers a lot of ways to make the game even fun for beginners. From their fascinating learning center and practice facilities to the several methods available to move around, the air-conditioned carts, Golf Bike, Golf Boards also called Segway; the Westin Kierland makes golf more interesting for beginners.


While learning golf, the best is to start with a 9-hole course to avoid getting frustrated to continue. Krendale Golf Course offers up to three 9-hole courses. With its wide open layout affordable prices and beautiful scenery, the Krendale is one of the favorites for beginners.