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Florida’s Small Town Golf Courses Are Special

Florida’s Small Town Golf Courses Are Special

Golfers who look for destinations are often bombarded with some of the most exotic and not necessarily less crowded places in the world. If there is one thing that a golfer seeks, it is the peace and tranquil that they can enjoy at a golf course. The stress from urban life melts away while they practice and execute well calculated shots. However, the crowded and extremely popular places can put a damper on the mood of any golfing fan. The excellent news though is that Florida has some of the best golf courses in its small towns. These small towns are simply spectacular for anyone who wishes to enjoy some time on the streets and enjoy the sights of a small village while being able to enjoy real tranquil it offers.

Fernandina Beach

Close to Jacksonville near Amelia Island is Fernandina Beach, a famous seaport in the 1850s. It is also grounds to the more modern shipping practices. There are over 50 blocks of Victorian buildings that are lined up in the city. From restaurants to travels and antique shops, there is everything small town you can expect at this small town. The locals also enjoy their beautiful Golf course that comprises of 27-holes and is one of the best locations in the entire USA. Other golf courses in the area like the North Hampton or the Amelia River club are some of the best places you can enjoy some world-class action in golfing. In fact, Fernandina Beach attracts PGA veterans to its beautiful picturesque locations.


This place is a classical site that is housed in the Florida area and found close to Ocala. It is a significant place that has a historic courthouse that was used to film the 1961 Elvis Presley film. Apart from the prominent Elvis foot trail followers, there is more to this town than meets the eye. Their Golf and Country club is similar to that of a park and is lined with beautiful oak trees, palms, pines and cedar trees. This club has four holes that are really tricky to get around too. Seventeen miles away you would find the Crystal River club that has five tees. The other noteworthy place is the 27 hole destination of Crystal River Resort.

Mount Dora

On the lakes of Mount Dora is the beautiful destination of Mount Dora. It has gorgeous historic homes as well as entertainment areas that patrons and visitors can visit. The charming town was initially settled in 1883. Golfers from around the world can head to the country club here. It is well known for its changes in elevation and historic golf attachment. The other places you can indulge in some golf time while in the town is at the Sweetwater Golf and Country Club and the Rock Springs Ridge. Both clubs are designed well by reputed golf course layout designers and are innovative in their appearance and challenges. The best part is, the town has some of the best restaurants, stay areas and bakeries that the rest of the family can enjoy while on holiday.