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Best Golf Courses in The United States

Best Golf Courses in The United States

With the golf season approaching, one needs to find the best golf courses in the United States. The sheer number of golf courses in the US, over 5,000, makes the search even harder. There are several rankings of America’s top 100 golf courses using various criteria including history, architecture, and prestige. But there are many other factors to consider when choosing a location to play your next round of golf. Read along as we discuss some of these factors below.

Course Layout

A great course is one that challenges you. The best golf courses in America design the individual holes and the entire layout of the course to provide a fair test to both amateurs and professional golfers. The individual holes strategically placed to pose varying levels of difficulty, and test a player’s accuracy and finesse, making the game fun. Devising ways to overcome each challenge makes playing golf very interesting. Courses with great layouts are usually the first choice of professional golfers.


A great golf course should not have extreme slopes. A totally flat golf course green will make it too easy to putt and very sloped ones will make the ball roll too fast. The unique design of each hole, terrain contours, and configurations of the course should provide an overall feeling that reflects the values of the game.


The beauty of a course plays a role in the overall experience of the game. The best golf courses often retain and maintain parts of their natural landscapes. A combination of modern tasteful architectural designs, trimmed fairways, trees, and wetland areas can make you just want to play golf.


A hallmark of good golf courses is their putting condition. A course with well-maintained greens allows for a better view of the ball and easier putts. Trimmed, firm and true-rolling fairways add to a golfer’s playing experience.


While professional golfers prefer courses with 18 holes, amateurs playing for fun might opt for courses that offer 9 holes. The length of a golf course is important because some golf courses do not allow golf carts, making you walk 18 holes and probably taking the fun out of your play.


If you love courses with a history, there plenty of them. Some of the best public signature golf courses in the U.S. have a very rich history.

Value for Money

The best golf courses in America usually offer packages that give golfers value for their money. Some offer extra free rounds and have great facilities with friendly staff to help you relax after the game.


There are various online rankings of golf courses in America. Golfers usually share their views on current state of golf courses, their facilities, and overall golfing experience online. It is good practice to always check the ratings of any golf course you are interested in to know what people are saying about it.

Wherever you end up, the art of the game is always the same. Have fun playing!